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The phone is the future

Imagine parking lots with no pay boxes. Imagine paying for parking with your phone. Fantasy? No, future. And in a growing number of cities, Diamond Parking’s new Call To Park program is getting rave reviews. “Our customers love it,” says Kevin Campbell, Diamond’s General Manager of Parking Services. “We first tested the program in our University District area of Seattle. Due to its rapidly growing success, we now offer it in Anchorage, Honolulu, Maui, Kona, Eugene and in our Canadian operations.”

“We were amongst the fi rst operators in Canada to introduce the program,” says Mike Poirier, Regional Vice President of Diamond Operations in Vancouver BC. “We have had it in use in all Canadian cities for approximately six years.”

Call to Park customers can pay for their parking using their mobile phone for a fast and simple payment experience. Android and IPhone users simply download the mobile app from their respective app stores then log into the Call to Park website — www.calltopark.com.

“Our landlords and property owners are huge fans of the program because it provides another service to their customers,” notes Mr. Williams. Call to park eliminates the need for cash or turning your briefcase or purse inside out looking for correct change. Also, no inserting your credit card into an onsite pay box. Another plus, customers can extend their parking session by phone if a meeting or errand runs long and they will also receive an alert when their parking session is about to expire.

Diamond Parking’s new website, premiering before year’s end, will feature an easy to navigate link on the homepage directly connecting to Call To Park. It’s easy to see why Diamond Parking’s industry-leading Call To Park Service is the future of parking!