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Diamond Parking Launches New Website

Just like trendy fashions, websites can go out of style as well. What was all the rage a couple of years ago is now viewed as passé and stale. When people visit websites they see it as a reflection of the business. That’s why, says Myron Spiegel, Director of Diamond’s Parking Operations, it was important for Diamond’s new website to make an impact and stay ahead of the curve. “Our previous site was a reflection of where we have been rather than where we are headed.”

When we began the website redesign process in late 2011, specific goals and criteria for success were clearly stated. The overall goal was to create a better experience for all of Diamond’s customers and clients.
“We wanted the new website to be more customer friendly, easy to navigate, appealing and pleasing to look at. We surveyed our parking managers, interviewed our clients and customers, as to what is important to them for the website to have.” This process helped define design elements such as color, font and style as well as customer-friendly programs. “With our new Find Parking feature, parking customers can pinpoint convenient locations, view monthly rates, type of location, and even see familiar landmarks listed close to where they are parking.”

Another key feature explained on the site is Diamond’s Call to Park Mobile Technology. The service eliminates the need for cash or inserting a credit card into an onsite pay box. Parkers can also extend their parking session by phone and receive an alert when their parking is about to expire.