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Building Relationships in Edmonton

Diamond Parking has been operating successfully in Edmonton Alberta since 2006. We have developed a solid base of business which includes extensive parking patrol services and pay and display parking on surface lots and in garages. We have accomplished this by developing positive relationships with our valued customers and landlords. These relationships are nurtured by the management team and never taken for granted.

An example of our services going the “extra mile” included participating in the renovations of a 50 year old parkade. To ensure the renovations went smoothly Diamond Parking Area Manager Jeff Mah worked closely with both the representatives of the owner and their contractors on site. Jeff ensured that during various phases of construction our valued customers were impacted the least, that the impact on revenues was minimized, and any potential safety or cleanliness issues were handled.

We have become trusted resources for our landlords that are seeking advice on development of new parking facilities. Regional Vice President David Potter and City Manager Todd Kosloski have made themselves available
to our landlords or their consultants to assist them in planning the parking aspect of their new projects. Whether it is market information, recommendations on access or egress, we share information that will benefit
the proposed parking facility or parking component of a new complex.

Property managers often deal with residential, office or mixed use developments. They are working with Diamond Parking on all of these properties because they know that we will develop a unique solution for each location. For example, we have three very different contracts and operating plans with one landlord because
each of its properties is unique. There is no cookie cutter in our tool box.

Diamond Parking Edmonton develops strong relationships with our landlords by communicating regularly, providing required reports on a timely basis, but most importantly, by answering the phone when it rings. Our managers personally respond to all of their calls, and the goal is to always respond the same day.

We believe that relationships are the basis of mutual success.

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