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A Place To Stay Forever

In the spring of 2010, Diamond Parking expanded its operations into Kelowna BC, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. A successful first year led to the expansion of the brand into the City of Penticton BC in the spring of 2011. This quaint community located 40 miles/65 kilometers south of Kelowna, sits nestled between Lake Okanagan and Skaha Lake. The city boasts many world class wineries and events, including the Subaru Iron Man Canada Triathlon — and is a very popular vacation destination.

With the city welcoming vacationers and tourists from around the world, Diamond Parking felt right at home putting its decades of experience to work in the parking sector of the city. Drawing from their experience in other vacation destinations where they operate parking facilities, including Hawaii, California, Washington
and Alaska — Diamond Parking was quickly involved with the City of Penticton and local businesses, working hard to help manage the large seasonal increase in traffic volumes.

Partnering with local businesses including The Days Inn and Conference Center, Westminster Bowling, Pen-Mar Cinemas, Wildstone Construction and numerous other landlords, Diamond Parking was able to create site-specific solutions to manage their parking facilities. Whether the requirement was for parking enforcement and control or generating passive revenue streams from surplus parking, Diamond Parking’s 90+ years of experience was instrumental in assisting the business community to continue to service their customers and providing convenient access to parking.

Most recently Diamond Parking has been involved with the design, construction and operation of one of the largest parking facilities in the city. With a vacant property, a full city block in size, waiting to be developed in future years Diamond Parking’s Team saw a blank canvas to work with. The management team worked diligently with the City’s Council and planning department to create a 100+ stall parking facility. The project turned what was once an unsightly, un-kept gravel lot, into a well lit parking facility complete with landscaping and bicycle storage for the community helping to ease the pressures of parking in the area.

With multiple more parking locations and partners on the horizon, Diamond Parking is immersed in one more community, and its brand continues to grow across Canada.

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